Why RistBandz and the Motivational Bracelets?


The purpose of this blog post is to take sort of a brief look behind the creation of the motivational bracelets and the RistBandz brand as a whole. Although I’ll touch on it just a little here, you’d get a better story about the brand by visiting Our Story.

I’m going to use more of a Q&A format to answer the top four questions I’ve gotten to this point. Hopefully, it’ll give you a better insight as to what RistBandz is all about as well the vision and future plans.


Alright, here we go…

So what is RistBandz and where did the inspiration come from?

The name "RistBandz" as you may have already figured out is a play on the word, wristbands. I love accessories - bracelets, wristbands, etc. They are the perfect complement to any outfit you choose. I (almost) always have on a few at any given time. I had on 2 “ristbandz” bracelets on each wrist as I was typing this - for the extra motivation :) Although I had quite the collection of wristbands prior to the creation of the brand, they were exactly just that. Plain wristbands and merely accessories.

The inspiration for RistBandz came when I was working on another project. I had hit a few roadblocks and needed some kind of motivation. I remember looking down at the wristband I had on and thinking, “What if this was more than just a wristband?” The idea stuck and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I did my research and decided to create the brand. The end result being the products available on the site.

That initial question I asked myself at the time is also the same source of inspiration for the brand slogan. The idea of “More than just a Wristband” is to create wristbands (and other products) that will always motivate and inspire you. That’s the message that I intend on sharing with anyone who comes across any RistBandz products. Although I pride myself on always making sure I create premium quality products, I want them to be more than just what meets the eye. No more plain wristbands. I want to help give you some inspiration and motivation every time you put on one of the wristbands or any other product you get from here.

Why bracelets/wristbands? Why not another product?

The answer to this question basically lies in the previous answer. However,.I understand some people may be skimming through and miss it. It is nonetheless a question I still often get asked and I’ve come to understand why. There are millions of products I could have chosen as a source of inspiration to others, so again, “Why the wristbands?”

Well, the answer is simple. The wristbands were my source of inspiration and I felt they would also be a source of inspiration to others. Fashion accessories aside, I figured they would be an item others could relate to. What about the next person out there who needed a little reminder to keep on pushing? A little source of inspiration or motivation? So it only felt right to go the wristbands route. Which leads me to the next question.

Do you have plans for any other products in the future?

The answer here is YES! I am currently working on some other bracelet designs & messages to be released later. I also have a few other products I’m thinking about including. But all of that depends on YOU. The idea is to continue to inspire you (and others), so if you have any ideas or anything you think I should consider adding to the brand, please let me know.

But it doesn’t stop there. I know the biggest impact I can make is by collaborating with other individuals who have inspirational stories to share. The list of potential collabs is exhaustive - entrepreneurs, athletes, fitness trainers, etc, etc. However, I want to take it one step further. Some of the greatest motivational impact I’ve ever had has come from watching the people around me - be it family, friends, coworkers, and so on; the people you are more likely to relate to. Those are the real stories I think you will appreciate more. There are so many people out there who have a story to share and I’d love to be that outlet.

How did you come up with the first (six) messages/designs?

There are two main goals I have for the RistBandz brand - they are to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE OTHERS. That’s the message I want to share with others and hopefully those are the goals I’ll be able to accomplish. The first six inspirational messages I chose for the wristbands are meant to encompass those goals. I felt like those six messages would truly motivate and inspire others regardless of whichever wristband they chose. As I mentioned above, there is some more stuff in the works so you'll definitely be getting more products and content to keep you motivated.

So there you have it.

This article basically sums up how RistBandz came about and where it’s headed. If you’ve read this far, then you're awesome and I’m grateful. I know you too have that spark in you and I'd love to keep you abreast of any new blog posts, future projects or product releases. The best way for that is by joining the mailing list. You'll never miss a thing and you’ll get front row access to all the updates as they’ll all be conveniently delivered to you.



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