Dealing with the Nuances of Starting and Growing Your Own Brand/Business


If you're reading this article, here are two fair assumptions I can make about you:

  1. You're either in the pre-launch phase of your brand so you're mulling some ideas, re-assessing your plan, and/or wondering if going down this route is totally worth it. OR

  2. You just recently launched your business. You're in the early phases of your brand so you're trying to figure out what marketing techniques you'll need and how you're going to attract more potential customers.

Or I could be completely wrong and you just accidentally landed on this blog post and you're reading solely out of curiosity. The general idea is I can tell you’re an entrepreneur and sooner or later, you'll have to deal with the nuances of launching your own business.

If you've ever launched any sort of business before, then chances are you’re going to relate to the next few statements. You come up with this brilliant idea and deep down you know it's a game-changer. You feel like you're gonna crush it in whatever that venture is. You do thorough research, come up with well thought out strategic plan, create your products, set up your marketing platform, let family and friends know you're launching, and then that day comes and you finally launch.

You're exhausted but elated. You're a new business owner! You then start watching the clock waiting for those sales to come pouring in. After all, you did everything to ensure that you had all the tools in place and there wasn't a single thing lacking. But what follows next is pure silence. You keep refreshing your analytics and you know all those recent page visits are all yours.

You probably chalk it up to day one. Over the next few days or weeks, you get one or two sales from your supportive family or friends but other than that, it's still crickets. You re-check everything, re-up your marketing campaigns, throw in a few "sweet offers" and you see a little boost but nothing significant enough for you to feel rewarded for your time, effort, and financial expenditures.

This is the point where most people quit. This is especially true if you are a solopreneur and probably starting a business from home. There is an a very popular article on this topic I like to refer to. It was written back in 2015 by Neil Patel, a very successful entrepreneur in his own right, and the content still holds true to this date (link below - it's well worth the read). He says in the article, "90% Of Startups Fail!" That's a harsh number but it's very true.

90% Of Startups Fail: Here's What You Need To Know About The 10%

Unfortunately, you’re bound to hit a road block at some point in your business. It happens to everyone, especially at the beginning. When you break onto the scene as a new brand or business, no one knows who you are. Unless you’re lucky enough to create some viral product, it'll take some time for people to trust your brand. You'll need to prove your worth.

That's what separates the 10% from the 90% wannabes. Those who succeed remain committed to their dream and do everything to make sure they realize it to its fullest potential. Putting in half the effort will not cut it either.

That's why I call all those unforeseen circumstances nuances. If you prepare yourself for failure and see them as obstacles on your way to achieving whatever your goal is, then you’re more likely to get over the hump. It's much easier for you to handle those instances when you've already told yourself they're bound to eventually happen.

That said, there are three main things that will help make you successful in whatever business plan you have in mind, irrespective of what aspect of your business you're trying to work on. They are FOCUS, CONSISTENCY and DETERMINATION. 

Let's take a look at each one.



Of all the three things listed, Focus was the hardest one for me to deal with and is probably the most important step. I tend to get distracted very easily, and I suspect you do too. There are so many things around us that could get us distracted. I won't be able to exhaust the list of distractions but the one big thing most entrepreneurs have difficulty with is the "Shiny Object Syndrome." I've noticed that oftentimes, people fail not just because they don't have a valid product or plan but because they want to try everything they come across. It's easy to get sold on the promise of some other tool quickly helping your brand grow even though you've done your research and you know your current plan can work if you stick with it. The reason we shift so often is due to impatience. We tend to seek instant results. Create your business plan and stick to it. You may need to make some adjustments along the way but do not go completely off track. Focus on what you know will work.



We all know hard work pays off. The rewards are even bigger when you're consistent at it. If you're really serious about successfully growing your brand, you need to be consistent. If you say you're going to do something, then do it. Keep doing all the necessary things so much so that they become habits. The biggest killer of consistency is procrastination. If possible, you should avoid saying, "I'll do that tomorrow" regardless of how small the task is. Trust me when I say even the smallest of tasks do add up. Once all those things pile up, it's very easy to get overwhelmed. That's when your focus shifts and next thing you know you're out of business. So do yourself a favor and make consistency a priority. Growing a business doesn't happen overnight - it is a continuous process.



NEWS FLASH: You must be determined at anything if you are going to succeed. What kind of impact will your brand's success have on you and those around you? Give yourself a moment to think about your answer, then answer the next question, How badly are you willing to grow your business in order for those things to happen? Think about any challenges you've faced in your life up to this point. What did you do once things got tough? Did you give up or did you push through? I know it was the latter, if not you wouldn’t be here. Growing a business will have its challenges and you need to be determined to face any challenges that come up. If you are going to be part of the successful 10%, it's evident that you'll need to be determined to keep pushing for your breakthrough.

So there you have it. Three essential things you need to focus on as you start and grow your brand or business. Remain focused, be consistent, and make sure you are determined to see things through.

I want to hear from you. Do you think there are any other overall steps brand/business owners need for successful growth?

Please share in the comments below.



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