Welcome to #RISTBANDZ

The Self-Affirmation Mindset

We are the sum of our thoughts, which form the basis of our actions. So, it’s critical that we think positive thoughts and nurture our minds with good vibes so our actions may reflect these healthy habits. Every aspect of the products you'll get - from the message to the design to the premium quality and overall attention to detail - is meant to not only represent that mindset but to also serve as an ode to the fact that all the little things matter.

We believe that we can draw inspiration from all walks of life and our ultimate goal is to use the #RISTBANDZ platform to create products and build relationships with individuals that will always motivate and inspire you. Together, we can walk it like we talk it, in the spirit and solidarity of self-affirmation.

Remain Inspired, Stimulate your Talent!

That is our core message to our customers. At some point in our lives, we all need a small push - that little reminder that we are more than capable of accomplishing so many great things and successfully pursuing and realizing our goals. That's precisely the raison d’etre of RistBandz. Our wristbands (and all future products) are here to reaffirm what you already know about yourself - that you are indeed capable of anything.

Every time you wear one of our wristbands, the printed message instantly reminds you to go out and do something awesome, not only for yourself but for others as well. That was the spark behind our slogan, "More Than Just a Wristband." Our mission is to be a constant source of affirmation, inspiration, and motivation for others, so we invite you to flex your R.I.S.T. - Remain Inspired and Stimulate your Talent.


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